Painting Styles for Aspiring Artists

Art, as how it is basically defined is a form of expression. Indeed, it’s a visual representation of human creativity, emotions and experiences that grant its audience the freedom to interpret.  Painting is one of the most popular of its kind since it gives boundless ways to express oneself and captivate feelings. These painting styles are used by aspiring and even professional artists to establish an edge over other art works.

Realism – A style that depicts humans and object exactly the way they look in real-life form. This requires keen attention to details such as shadows, light reflections, right color combination etc. to achieve the goal of coming up with visually realistic work.

Surrealism – This approach represents strange and complex combination of objects or circumstances. Surrealism art was believed by many that human dreams are its basic inspiration. It appears inexplicable and out of the ordinary picture but creates a unique work of art when it is properly accentuated with colors.

Abstract – From the word itself, it gives no direct message at all. The interpretation is left to the viewers. Usually, the colors and strokes of brush create the mood of the piece.

Pointillism – Objects and humans are uniquely formed through connection of fine dots. Since it’s in a dotted form, color variations must be carefully monitored and well-balanced.

Cubism – The art of cubism represents the image of the subject in a volume of multitude viewpoints to create view in a larger context. Parts of the entire picture is broken and re-assembled in a manner that seems abstract in form.

For starters, the use of water color is suggested since colors are easier to blend and it looks stronger when it’s wet. It’s also a good practicing material to start your artistic experience.

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