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Everyone is on the web nowadays. We are used to having our information right here and now, Content is being streamed faster than machines ink out newspapers. There is information explosion everywhere.

enewsAnd why shouldn’t enews be part of that? Hello all, we are enews Singapore. We aim to bring you the latest news all over Singapore and Asia, so that you get your news, when you like it. Stay tuned for business tips on everything and anything to running a business, to local happenings around the country. Maybe you would be interested to know that we’ve had more content in the world now than ever was before? The amount of information we have on websites now, far exceeds the libraries of books there existed before the internet age. And that means something. People are going on the internet more and more to search for the things that matter to them, and you’d better be on the internet if you want to be found. It’s not like in the past anymore, old rules don’t apply.

How about news on the internet? Print media used to be one of the big ways to get your information out there, but with the internet, everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Businesses like the entertainment industry, food to even domestic services, are increasingly finding themselves having to go on the internet to get their customers. You will be left on the shelf if you don’t start now! Tune in to to get your latest scoop on everything and anything Singapore!

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