Rojak – Traditional Singapore dish

Rojak is one cuisine that is usually found at the beautiful cities and towns of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This food is a combination of vegetables and fruits. The term “Rojak” is a Malay word that means mixture. In Singapore, there are two different servings of Rojak. These are served in Chinese and Malay style. However, they have almost the same ingredients that is used.


These are finely crushed or pulvurized peanuts, beansprouts, tau pok (deep-fried soybean cake), greens, you tiao (long strip fried flour) cucumber, pineapple and prawn paste sauce. On the other hand, Indian cuisines also produced their own style of Rojak which are made up of the same elements but is it only added with red flavoring and spices.


Indian Rojak is mostly sold in Indian stalls that scattered around the vibrant city of Singapore. Most of the time, people can choose what companents will they put from their Rojak – this includes fishcakes, potatoes, octopus,  prawns and a lot more. Since it is a popular food in Singpaore, you can see Rojak everywhere. Thus, this will not give you much disturbance.

Yet again, this is a popular dish in Singapore, so finding a rojak stall near you won’t be too much of a hassle. While it can be found literally everywhere in the city, there are still great places to go to eat this traditional dish of Singapore. At the Orchard Road, you can see many restaurants like Strait Kitchen.



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