The Prohibition of Chewing Gum and the “Don’t Get Naked” Law

It’s a weird law but it happens in Singapore. The selling, consuming and buying of chewing gums is strictly banned in the country. You are not allowed to eat chewing gum unless you have a medical certificate to show that you are required or prescribed by a physician to use chewing gum as a healing element.


This is not a law to be trifled with. It has a hefty fine that ranges from $200-$1000 depending on the violation made. Chewing gum law was implemented in Singapore because in the past years, there are so many chewing gums places on walls, garbage bins, cars, houses and many more. To solve the problem quickly, the government imposed a law that would surely make the citizen be aware of the problem.


Walking naked inside your own house can be considered pornography. It is very awkward that there are many people looks at your house to check if you are wearing proper clothes or not. Here in Singapore, do not be too confident that you are inside your house, you’re allowed to do everything you want.

Yes, it’s true but you also need to know that there are limitations and that is the illegality of getting naked inside your own home. According to the lawmakers, being naked even if you are inside your own place is also subjected to pornography. This will result to a huge fine; thus, make sure that your curtains are always close especially when you are changing your clothes.


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