The Significance of Sharing the Past

Some boys most especially when they are courting a girl are not talking about their past relationships. Yes, they may give you are reason that “it is just past and you there’s nothing good if you get back to it.” Actually, this is the most common reason that guys say. In reality, it is a sign that they are not a good boyfriend the first reason it that they lie to you.


The Liars’ Club

Most guys who are not transparent with their past is hiding something. They may be a violent person who easily gets mad when you have done something wrong. Or they may have a very bad ending with his past girlfriend wherein he is the fault why it ended. He may screwed up on his girl or perhaps cheated. That’s only few of the reason but if you connect the dots, you will think that it is possible.


Go For It or Lose It

Having a suitor or a boyfriend that is never open about everything about himself just a waste of time. If he really loves you, he must show that he is serious to you and that he never hides something most especially about his past. It is part of knowing each other and you have to make him say everything about himself. If he continues to not share it, gladly lose him out of your site. But if you think that he’s good to go, don’t hesitate and grab the chance so that you can own him.



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