The Truth Behind These 5 Beauty Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is the one of the most exciting times for women. It is a time full of anticipation and when expectant mothers are brimming with questions. However, many of them are based on superstitions and myths. Can looking at an eclipse will really cause deformity on an unborn child? Is drinking coffee will cause the baby to be born with dark spots on his or her skin?

There are so many of them that are wonderfully misleading, and yet still praised and believed. Here are five of the most remarkable ones among pregnant women.

1. Coloring your hair
Dyeing your hair with a growing baby inside you can be pretty scary due to the strong-smelling chemicals. Pregnant moms are said to ditch hair dyeing until the second trimester to make sure it is completely safe. While there’s nothing wrong with believing this myth, opt for organic and natural hair dyes and always follow your doctor’s advice if you must color your locks.

2. Wearing high heels
The problem of wearing high heels during pregnancy is because of one simple reason: balance. When your baby bump gets bigger, your body’s balance shifts to compensate with your heavier forward weight. Because of this, preggos are at higher risk of falling over. With that being said, expectant moms who are not used to wearing flats can easily get away with wearing heels even with huge baby bump. So basically, it’s okay to wear heels as long as you are comfortable and careful with it.

3. Taking baths in a bath tub
Dips in a bath tub or in a swimming pool with normal water temperature is perfectly fine. In fact, swimming is a highly recommended exercise for pregnant women. And you have nothing to worry about pool water seeping into the vagina. Preggos have mucus plug that covers the opening of the uterus for the baby’s protection.

4. Wearing body-hugging dresses
Practically every modern pregnant mom has worn body-hugging clothes. However, a few decades ago, loose maternity dresses were the thing because tight-fitting clothes and jeans are believed to restrict baby’s growth. Today, these body-hugging garments are meant to bring comfort to pregnant moms, supporting the baby bump and protecting mommies from lower back pain. Plus, it just feels good to flaunt pregnancy curves!

5. Waxing or shaving your legs
For pregnant moms who want to maintain smooth and hair-free legs, avoid using cream hair removers as they contain lots of chemicals that can seep into the pores. A better alternative is waxing, as long as you can tolerate the pain and are not suffering from uterine cramps, vaginal spotting or hypertension. And make sure to have it done by other people, since it’s impossible for you to bend over to reach your legs.

You’re probably relieved after reading these myth busters, but still old-fashioned friends and aunts may insist to drown you with more beliefs. While you may hear unbelievable and hilarious ones, take them with a grain of salt and only listen to the advices of your healthcare provider.

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