Tiong Bahru: Tea or Coffee?

The first drink that is being served in the morning aside from water is coffee or tea. Most of the time, coffee is the most common beverage that is being consumed by adults. However, nowadays, tea becomes more popular. Tea is also common for many countries that are served during morning but many people prefer to drink it on the evening so that the daily activity they have in the morning will not be replaced.


Tea or Coffee?

Here in Singapore most people drinks coffee but since tea becomes famous in the country, many people switch to drinking coffee while other still consumes coffee and at the same time tea. There are a lot of benefits coffee and tea gives and the most common to them is the beauty it brings early in the morning and during the night.


Why Not Both?

Yes, you will drink coffee and tea in one time. There is a restaurant in Tiong Bahru place wherein tea and coffee are combined and is being served. The mixture is called the “Ying and Yang” effect which tastes half tea and half coffee. It is an odd mixture but when you taste it, you’ll love it. If you are curious about its taste, buy some. But if you are just contented with tea or coffee, you will miss the art of mixing two beverages that is common to all people. When you taste this kind of concoction, you will taste first the tea. Afterwards, the coffee kicks in your mouth. If you both love coffee and tea, you’ll love this.


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