What Should We Invest In?  

As we go through life, demands on our financial resources are ever-changing. For example, if we move away from home, setting up a house is tough. If we start a family, it will mean additional things like childcare, toys, formula and diapers. We have to deal with our resources accordingly so we do not put it to waste.


In the midst of ever-changing financial platform, we have to be conscientious. The big question is – should we splurge or save? Whatever we do, we should think of investing. We can begin by deciding which services or possessions worth investing. There are many items here in Singapore that can save us a lot of money. What are things that are worth investing in? Here’s the list:

  • Investing in good bed: They say that there are only two things a working person should invest in – a reliable shoes and a good bed. After putting our shoes in good use, we end the day by going to bed and resting. There is nothing wrong if we spend a little money purchasing a good bed. A bed is important in ensuring our day’s productivity, wellness and health.
  • Investing in eco-friendly home solutions: If we want to invest in long term results, we have to consider eco-friendly home solutions. Eco-friendly home solutions are a bit expensive at first but it will cost less as we go along. Aside from saving money, we can also reduce carbon imprint which can help the environment.


  • Investing in insurance: We can never be sure of our future and no matter what it brings, we have to be prepared. This is the reason why we should get insurance especially medical insurance. The policy premiums could be lesser the earlier we consider it.
  • Investing in rewards: There are many agencies here that offers rewards program. It means loyalty for the company and savings for the consumers. We might think that rewards program are not significant but we can use an extra every once in a while. We can get rewards if we pay fuel, groceries, office supplies and many others.

These should be enough. Saving and investing are easy if we put our heart to it. We can choose to splurge sometimes but we have to think of the things in the long run. Splurging is easy here in Singapore especially because there are many fancy things – we have to be careful knowing this.

Saving should not be that hard but making improvements in our daily spending should be done immediately.    reward-credit-cards

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