What to Keep In Mind before Choosing Surrogacy

Life-changing decisions should be carefully thought of not just once, twice or thrice. With a decision that will permanently leave a mark in one’s life, it is best that all things should be considered. Take for example the process of surrogacy. This method is becoming an alternative for parents who can’t have their own child in the natural way. If you are about to make this decision of undergoing this process, then the following key points may help you to think more:


You need to secure your parental rights.

Even though surrogacy is a complicated process for others, all concerns should be properly address before undergoing the said procedure. Any loopholes in the agreement, whether done verbally or in written, may lead to connivance or deceit. One of the first things you have to be certain of is securing your parental rights. You and your partner may not have the capacity to have the child in the natural way but it is still both your genes that is running in him. You should not be deprived of the right to claim your child after the surrogate mother gave birth. All the details must be made clear in the agreement before you push through with this process.


Think of all the cost you may incur.

You might be surprised of the cost for the surrogacy of you are not financially ready. This can be expensive for others nevertheless there are several agencies who are willing to make the payments easier and more convenient for the couple. From the process of transferring the embryo to the surrogate mother to her nine months of bearing the child and up until the birth giving, several costs will be incurred. You must be prepared especially this is something you can’t place on hold while you are in the middle of the process just because you do not have the required amount on hand. Although it may really take a large sum of money from your budget, rest assured that your sacrifices will be rewarded in the end. Taking care of the child in your arms is the most precious moment that no amount of any money can ever pay for.

You are emotionally ready.

It may be heart-breaking to know that there is a problem for both of you as it affects your capability to bear your own child. It can become threatening too thinking that the surrogate mother may take away your child anytime that she starts to think of claiming him as her own. You may even be caught in the dilemma whether to choose surrogacy over adoption or surrogacy over artificial insemination. The reoccurring thought too that the surrogate mother might not handle it well and may lead to miscarriage is haunting. You will undergo all of these anxieties especially that it is your child which is the center of the concern here. It is normal however you must tell yourself that you should be emotionally ready for all these thoughts.



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