Where to But the Freshest Ingredients

There are Singaporeans who prefer preparing their own food to be safe and healthy. If you want to prepare your own food, you should first secure or purchase your ingredients. Where to buy ingredients? You should head to wet markets. You should know that there are two sections of wet market-wet and dry section. The wet section sells meat (like pork, chicken, beef, fish and the like) and other seafood. The dry section sells rice, noodles, vegetables, herbs, etc. Here’s a list of Singapore’s best wet markets:

Geylang Serai

Geylang Serai is near the Malay Cultural Village. It provides fresh vegetables and meat. It is also a food centre.

Tiong Bahru

It is said that Tiong Bahru offers the freshest ingredients in Singapore. If you want to bargain, you can try it here and you will surely get it. If it is near you, you should go there right away.


Tekka closes late in the afternoon so you have plenty of time to look for your ingredients. It is located within Little India.

China Town

The Chinatown wet market together with the Chinatown food centre offer fun experience for ingredient shopping.

The best time to purchase whatever ingredient you need is early morning to ensure freshness. After the purchase, you are now ready to cook whatever it is you want to cook. There are many recipe books you can refer to.

There are some that favour Supermarkets because of longer opening hours, cool environment and dry floors. There are also others that are too busy and tired to cook that they prefer to dine outside. The good news is that there are many restaurants and food establishments waiting for their orders.

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