Why You Don’t Need Travel Insurance from Airlines  

Traveling is part of our lives because somehow we have to move from one place to another. When we travel via air, sea or water, we want to feel safe. If we consider the air, we have to consider our peace of mind that is why we have to consider travel insurances especially with the unusual accidents involving planes these days.


We can easily buy travel insurances offered by airlines but we do not actually read the terms. It is crucial that we read the contents so we will know what we will get. However, there are experts that tell us that travel insurance from airlines may not be the best choice. How so? Well, here are some reasons why we should not consider travel insurance from airlines:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Unfortunately, travel insurance from airlines does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. When we board airplanes, we think that we are in perfect health but no one knows what will happen so it is best that we have to choose travel insurances that also cover pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Disruption of trip: Yes, there are travel insurances that let us claim money if our trips are disrupted because of unforeseen events but if we look closely to the agreement, we will find something more particular. Travel insurances have particular instances that let us claim money like cancelled, delayed and postponed trips but only if we are overseas.

People wait for their delayed flights at LaGuardia Airport in New York

  • Missed connections: We do not have problems if we have one flight but what if we have connecting flights? If we miss one, other flights will be screwed and that is where another problem arises. There are airlines who do not compensate for the missed connection. We will surely find ourselves trapped in an airport.
  • Overbooked flights: If we travel to multiple cities on one trip, we have to make sure that we are protected from overbooked transport. If there is an overbooked flight, an airline will give us a voucher (maybe $100 or more) as a compensation but it will not take away the wasted time and trip.
  • Hostage or kidnapping: Though chances are remote that we will be held hostage or kidnapped while we travel, we have to think of the possibility. There are airline travel insurances that deny us of any compensation just because we denied paying an additional $12 on our insurance.
  • Personal liabilities: When we are overseas, we tend to do silly things. That is part of the fun of being away. So, what will happen if we do something that can lead us to court? Unfortunately, most if not all travel insurance does not cover the cost of legal amounts.


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