Why You Should Stop Washing Your Hair Regularly

A century ago, it was common to only wash your hair once month. These days, most Singaporeans tend to wash their hair on average five times a week. According to many barbers and stylists, we should wash our hair less often so it’ll be healthier and easier to manage. Aside from that, here are some of the things that’ll happen once you decided to forego your daily shampooing.

1. It Saves You Extra Time Every Morning
Perhaps the biggest benefit from washing your locks less often is you get to enjoy an extra shut-eye every morning. An average woman spends 10 minutes each day to wash their hair, and another 30 minutes for blow drying and styling it. If you wash your strands five times a week, you’ll save an extra three hours every week – which you could spend as you please.

2. It Reduces Your Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
Washing your hair less often reduces your hair’s exposure to sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), a harsh chemical found in most shampoos and household cleaning products. SLS is responsible for creating the bubbles and rich lather when we wash. Frequent exposure to this chemical strips your hair off its natural sebum, increasing your risk to skin irritation and even cancer.

3. It Improves Your Hair’s Health
Your strands produces its own sebum, which helps in keeping it moisturized and smooth. Excessive washing will only strip your hair off its natural oils and that’ll cause your locks to become brittle and dry. To keep that from happening, invest in a boar bristle brush to redistribute your hair’s natural oil throughout your strands. This won’t only aid in naturally conditioning your hair, it’ll also help in giving it more sheen.

4. It Makes Your Hair Colour Last Longer
An easier way of extending the life of your hair colour is by washing less frequently. Coloured hair tends to become more porous from damage, and daily shampooing will cause the colour molecule to leave the hair colour. In fact, hair colour experts recommend to only wash your dyed hair twice a week using gentle shampoo.

How often you should wash your strands depends on the type of hair you have, the kind of activities you do, as well as your comfort level. Just make sure that you keep the aforementioned reasons in mind so you’ll find the thought not regularly washing your locks less daunting. So, here’s to healthier, shinier and stronger hair!

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